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Purina Purina Beggin’ Strips Bacon Dog Treat | 40 oz

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As the original strip that started it all, Purina Beggin’ Strips Bacon Flavor adult dog snacks offer your best buddy an over-the-top bacon experience. Made with real bacon, these treats actually smell and taste like everyone’s favorite sizzlin’ breakfast fare. Just watch as your dog comes running in after the first delicious whiff of bacon that fills the air from the moment you open the pack. Tempting his taste buds and bringing on the hilarity, these tasty dog snacks are a deliciously ideal reward to use when training your dog or anytime you just want to see that look of happiness on his sweet face. These Beggin’ snacks contain 26% moisture, helping provide an exciting texture for your dog that couples a sensational sensory combination of the taste and aroma he craves. Including 15% protein , this dog strip is one you can feel proud to give your dog any time that calls for a treat, whether you’re looking to reward him, distract him or just satisfy his hankerings for something yummy and fun. Whatever the shared moment is, there’s no time like Beggin’ time! | Purina Purina Beggin’ Strips Bacon Dog Treat | 40 oz

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