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Purina Busy Bone Mini Dog Treat | 6.5 oz

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Bring a boost of unexpected and enthralling flavor to your dog’s day with Purina Busy Bone mini adult dog chew treats. Delight his taste buds with a reward with real meat found in the center of each of these chewbones while also letting him know how much you appreciate what a good boy he’s been. Formulated for small adult dogs, the unique shape of these Busy Bone treats is sure to keep his tail wagging with every twist of adventure they take him on. While he remains engaged by its complex design, the tempting taste of this dog chew provides added fun to chewtime. This long-lasting treat extends his enjoyment to create an exciting, engaging activity for him that also helps occupy his time, and the rich flavor lets him know you care about his cravings for bold, meaty flavor. These adult dog treats satisfy his need to chew, giving you an easy way to keep him busy when you just can’t pull yourself away to play – or also when he just needs some “me” time. Your little dog is a big part of your life, so give him the tempting treats he loves, and watch as he flips head over paws while getting lost in his own little Busy world. | Purina Busy Bone Mini Dog Treat | 6.5 oz

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