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Bully Sticks 12 (1 pound)

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These high quality bully sticks are perfect for any dog and are made from a quality cut of meat. While they keep your pet happy for hours you can feel good knowing they are all natural and are easy for your pet to digest.You can be content knowing the beneficial snack you are offering your pet is a good alternative to the typical rawhide chews too.BenefitsBully sticks will also benefit your dog’s dental health as he chews and bites on the meaty snack. Protein is also a very important part of your dog’s diet and these bully chews fit the bill for a nourishing part of the diet that offers all of the protein he’ll need as well. Please note: 1 pound of bully sticks is NOT equal to 123 Bully chews Always supervise your pets when enjoying any chews treats or bones.

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