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ORIJEN High Protein Amazing Grains Puppy Dry Dog Food – 22.5 lb Bag

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ORIJEN Amazing Grains is packed with fresh or raw animal protein and enhanced with hand-selected grains to give your dog peak nourishment. With 90%* premium animal ingredients, ORIJEN Puppy diet with Amazing Grains includes WholePrey ingredients from free-run** chicken and turkey and wild-caught fish, including wild-caught salmon. These nutrient-dense poultry and fish ingredients nourish your puppys new instincts, providing them with the essential building blocks to develop and grow up strong. Weve also added only the most amazing grains in a high-quality blend of oats, quinoa and chia and more, hand-selected to provide a balanced fiber ratio that helps support your puppys digestive health. Nourish your puppys instincts completely with the amazing animal protein and quality grains found in ORIJEN Amazing Grains. *Approximate and derived from the unprocessed state of the ingredients. **Our free-run chickens and turkeys are not housed in cages and are able to move in a barn without outdoor access. Our fresh ingredients use refrigeration as the sole method of preservation and our raw ingredients are frozen at their peak freshness.Why We Love ItThe first 5 ingredients are ALWAYS fresh or raw animal protein.This diet is specially crafted to nourish and meet the needs of your growing puppy.90%* quality poultry and fish ingredients help support muscle development and maintenance for your growing puppy.About OrijenORIJEN food helps cats and dogs thrive, nourishing their day-to-day lives and keeping them healthy and strong. With rich inclusions of Wholeprey animals in our original diets without grain ingredients as well as a grain-inclusive recipe line, ORIJEN food is made with the most nutrient-dense, succulent parts of the prey to deliver the nutrition dogs need. The result is a diet that helps your companion reach their full biological potential.

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