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KONG Bone with Rope Dog Toy

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KONG Bone with Rope Dog Chew Toy Made from KONG’s exclusive Puppy Formula natural rubber, the KONG Toy Bone is the perfect toy for your teething puppy. Chewing is a natural and beneficial behavior and plays a vital role in your dog’s physical development. The Puppy Bone is small and comes attached with a cotton dental rope. The Goodie Grippers have been designed to hold treats. For a small puppy, separation anxiety or the fear of isolation can produce undesirable behaviors like excessive barking or whining, destructive behavior, depression and hyperactivity. Use KONG’s Toy Bone to redirect your dog’s attention with an activity. A Kong toy stuffed with healthy KONG Stuff’N treats is the perfect solution. Features: Made in the USA with globally sourced materials Unique new rubber formula for puppy teeth and gums Easy to pick up and throw Assists in teething Aids in healthy development of your dog’s mouth Promotes essential play Encourages proper chewing habits Soothes sore gums Relieves stress and boredom Perfect for Interactive Play Eases Separation Anxiety Aids in Crate Training Great for indoor or outdoor play Item Specifications: For Use: Puppies only Item Dimensions: Bone width: 7″ Rope length: 20″ Material: Bone made of natural rubber Cotton dental rope Safety Information: Kong’s are safe, beneficial toys designed by people who know and love dogs. If you think your puppy has swallowed a toy fragment promptly inform your veterinarian. Recommended Use: If puppy destroys a Puppy KONG in a short period of time, it is probably too small. It is recommended to upsize to a larger Puppy KONG. Warnings: Puppy KONG should not be given to puppies before they are weaned. If you have a multiple dog home, take extra care to keep large dogs away from smaller dogs toys. Discontinue

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