FurLyfe.com: Calling all Dog Lovers!!!

Early adopters needed! Looking for a great community of dog lovers? We are building one! When you add a doggo to your family, you are entering into a community of millions of dog lovers.  There are many similarities and linkages within this community including breed, litter, and location.  We created a tool to bridge those similarities and build a stronger dog loving community.

How it started

In 2015 we adopted our dog, Leonidas (Leo).  He is a mixed dog from the Virginia Beach SPCA.  We considered getting one of his littermates, but figured we should ensure we could care for one dog before we got a second.  We were always curious as to what became of his littermates and would love to host a litter reunion.  Out of curiosity we searched for a tool that might allow us to find them.  No such tool existed so we decided to make one.  Users simply fill out a form with basic information and we search for other dogs that may be from the same litter.

What else can we add?

Later we got Leo a DNA test and found he was part Beagle, Cocker Spaniel, Brittany, and Siberian Husky.  We thought it would be so neat to find similar mixed breed dogs, so we added a breed search as well.  Whether your dog is a purebred or a super designer dog like Leo, users can find similar breeds with our breed group search.

In 2019 we moved to a new city and were separated by friends and family.  All of our neighbors had dogs!  There were dogs everywhere we went.  We wanted a tool to link into our new community, so we added a neighbors and community search feature to make those connections.  Now we had a search tool that would connect dog owners to their dog’s litter, breed, neighbors, and local community.

The platform that we wanted

Although these search tools are great on their own, we decided to build a social media platform around them. Often times social media platforms have a negative impact on us.  There are amazing updates of pets, families, and fun, but too often conversations devolve into controversial topics.  We wanted a place that was just fun, positive, and full of doggos and puppies!  We took some of our favorite features from traditional social media platforms (streams, feeds, trending topics, events, points, and ranks) and we built FurLyfe.com.  Then we added an activities map, forum, blog, and dog store.  Our simple search feature evolved into an entire dog lover’s ecosystem!  Our community standards are simple.  Be the person your dog thinks you are!

We need your help!

We currently have all the ingredients for a great website with one exception. You!  FurLyfe has no users.  We are a husband-and-wife team who built a product we wish we had as dog owners, and are hoping to build a great community from the ground up.  Early adopters are needed to sign up, share their dog photos and videos, find their groups, test the features, and give us their honest feedback.  Thank you and we hope to see you on www.FurLyfe.com!


Chris and VeeVee

Get involved!

Welcome to FurLyfe!
We are a social-media site for dog lovers. We believe dog ownership is a gift that is best experienced with friends, family, and community!


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