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Carnival Barker

Show Off

Smug Dog

Hot Dog


Alpha Dog

Ninja Dog

Pack Leader

Dog Captain

Admiral Dog

Astronaut Dog

Congress Dog

Dog Senator

Dog President

Galactic Dog Emperor

Your total Dogma points:



Here’s how you can gain Dogma:

  • Gain 10 from becoming a member
  • Gain 10 from referring a member
  • Gain 5 from referring a visitor
  • Gain 5 from posting memes
  • Gain 2 from every post you make (5 times max daily)
  • Gain 1 from visiting daily
  • Gain 1 for each comment (spam comments are penalized)
  • Gain 1 for voting on a poll
  • Gain more from interacting with other users
    and being active on the forum

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