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WeatherBeeta Therapy Tec Dog Bed Small

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WeatherBeeta Therapy Tec Dog Bed The WeatherBeeta Therapy-Tec Dog Bed features an innovative ceramic lining that reflects and retains body heat which assists with pain management and inflammation. It’s the perfect choice for dogs suffering from pain associated with arthritis and hip dysplasia, especially over cold winter months. It?s also ideal for active dogs, pre or post exercise, to warm up and down, where the ceramic lining assists with recovery by reducing build up of lactic acid. The WeatherBeeta Therapy-Tec Dog Bed features ceramic fleece lining on the inner sides and the upper side of the removable pillow offering the ultimate in comfort. The outer sides are 600 denier for durability, each side panel features a zip to along the base for easy care. If machine washing, wash outer only at a low temperature, max 30 degrees on a gentle cycle. Line dry. Do NOT tumble dry or dry clean, do not use bleach. *Not recommended for pregnant dogs. Features: Muscle function Recovery Ceramic fiber Increase Circulation

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