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Vectra 3D 5-10 lbs, 6 months

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Ultimate Guide to Vectra 3DMeet the Powerful Insect Repellent Vectra 3DVectra 3D is a veterinarianapproved dog medication that protects your dogs from fleas ticks and mosquitos The monthly topical solution has a broad spectrum of activity against external parasites of dogs Vectra 3D ensures that your pup is in the best lovable condition that he or she can be How does Vectra 3D workVectra 3D is an effective medical combination with three active ingredients Dinotefuran Pyriproxyfen and Pyrethrin Vectra 3D repels dangerous parasites fleas ticks mosquitos lice mites and flies only through contact and are physically compelled to crawl back up the fur They will eventually die from contact with the active ingredientsDinotefuran disrupts the insec

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