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Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag | PetSmart

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The Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag uses cutting-edge Bluetooth technology, a free app, and an engaged smartphone community to make safeguarding your pet easy and fun. The tag is lightweight and fits on virtually any size dog or cat, attaching quickly and easy to your existing collar or harness. Includes a community pet finder, outdoor virtual pet leash, walk tracker, distance estimator, digital profile and medical records, points of interest and a pet social network. It’s water resistant and has no monthly fees. Features: Community Pet Finder – Alert all users in the area as soon as your pet goes missing. Get notified when your pet comes within range of anyone with the Pawscout App Outdoor Virtual Leash – Set up a virtual leash and receive notifications if your pet strays from your yard, park, or other outdoor places Walk Tracker – Record your walks (or runs) in the App, and know where family, friends or pet sitters are walking your pet Distance Estimator – With the built-in distance estimator, you can use the tag and app combination to give a rough estimate of the number of feet your pet is away from you. Many use this feature when entering a room to see if a missing cat is under a bed or in a closet or hanging outside behind bushes or trees Digital Profile and Medical Records – Create a full digital profile of your pet including photos, your contact info, vaccinations and behavioral or medical issues Points of Interest – Use the Pawscout map to discover or share local veterinarians, groomers, shelters, or pet-friendly restaurants, stores, parks or other pet-friendly locations Pet Social Network – Build your pet’s safety network with Pawscout’s social tools. Share photos, alerts, arrange playdates, and more. Invite friends and family to expand your “petwork” Works on All Size Collars – Comes with four mounting options for small, medium and large dogs and cats No Monthly Fees – Unlike GPS trackers, there are no monthly fees to use the Pawscout Tag Replaceable Battery – The inexpensive battery (CR2032) typically lasts six months and is replaceable Water Resistant – The Pawscout Tag is rated IPX7 (can be submerged in up to three feet of water for 30 minutes) Colorful Nameplates – Double the protection and style with optional engraved nameplates: available for purchase in the Pawscout App for $9.99 and mailed directly to your home in days Includes: Pawscout tag, four mounts (hanging and small, medium and large flush mounts), two batteries (CR2032), and instruction sheet Intended Pet(s): Dog, Cat Material(s): Durable plastic tag Color: Black Product Dimensions: 1.45 in W x .45 in D Caution: Pawscout is not intended to give exact location information. Your Pawscout Tag only knows whether or not a pet wearing the Tag is within 300 feet of you or someone else with the App installed. This capability allows us to tell whether your pet has wandered away from you, and can help anyone locate a missing pet by alerting them that the pet is within range. Location services must be enabled for Pawscout to work properly. Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag | PetSmart

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