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ORIJEN Tundra Dry Dog Food – 25 lb Bag

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The gray wolf is the ancestor and closest relative of all domestic dogs. While years of breeding have produced hundreds of different-looking wolves, the internal workings of wolves and dogs remain unchanged. So its no surprise that their food requirements remain the same too. Our five Biologically Appropriate principles are simple and mirror the freshness and variety of animal ingredients that dogs have evolved to eat.With 85% quality animal ingredients, and 40% richly nourishing protein, ORIJEN Tundra nourishes dogs of all life stages according to their evolutionary and biological needs.Why We Love ItA full 2/3 of our animal ingredients are FRESH (refrigerated, with only natural preservatives) or RAW (flash-frozen, with only natural preservatives), including the top 10 ingredients.WholePrey ratios of fresh, quality animal ingredients from meat, organs, and cartilage or bone deliver the nutrients your cat requires, naturally.Gently freeze-dried in our kitchen, with only natural preservatives, to lock in the rich nutrients and delicious flavor that dogs crave.
About ORIJENORIJEN’s goal is simple; provide the best possible food for your pet, period. Dogs and cats evolved as hunters – the structure of their teeth, jaws, and digestive system scientifically classifies them as carnivores, evolved to eat a meat based diet. Through a biologically appropriate diet packed with fresh meats, ORIJEN captures the carnivore in your pet and releases their inner instinct in each grain-free recipe. With 85-90% meat ingredients, ORIJEN has 3 times the meat of most conventional dog and cat foods. Two thirds of the meats in every formula are raw or fresh, and never rendered or processed, so they are brimming with proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. The high quality fresh meats and low-glycemic healthy carbohydrates are all sustainably sourced in the USA and made in Kentucky from trusted farmers. With heritage red meats from America’s heartland, wild caught fish from New England, free run poultry and eggs, locally grown fruits, vegetables and botanicals such as butternut squash and Bartlett Pears, trusted sustainable American farmers are at the core of ORIJEN’s business. The unmatched variety of high quality ingredients rival mother nature, supplying nutrients in their freshest, most natural flavorful form, mimicking the ancestral diet and keeping your pet’s inner instinct happy and healthy.

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