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Ol Roy Braided Bully Stick for Dogs 9.17 oz. (4 Count)

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Ol Roy Long-Lasting Braids with Real Bully are a delicious long-lasting chew that your dog is sure to love. Made by braiding three chew sticks with Real Bully for maximum chew time! These Rawhide Free chews are made with 100% real bully (also called pizzle). Highly digestible nutritious odor free and long lasting. Ol Roy Long-Lasting Sticks with Real Bully are an excellent way to help maintain healthy teeth and gums and offer a healthy chewing time for most dogs. Each chew is a thick braid with a flavor just like the traditional bully sticks that pets love. Mr. Sam loved Ol Roy like family and we kept that in mind when creating the brand that would carry Ol Roy s name in 1981. Today Ol Roy continues to be a symbol of dependability giving you peace of mind that you are providing your dog with quality food for a happy life.

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