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KONG Black Extreme Dog Toy, XX-Large

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Extreme KONG Dog Toy – Available Online at PETCO.comWorlds strongest rubber dog toy! KONG toys are legendary for performance and durability, although no dog toy is indestructible, Extreme KONG Dog Toys are made from super-strong black rubber that stands up to even the most tenacious power-chewers. Regular use of Kong will strengthen your dog’s jaw muscles. Extreme KONG will assist in battling boredom and keep your dog out of trouble.Today, most domestic dogs don’t have to work for food. In nature, however, dogs are predatory meat-eaters. Hunting for food is physically and intellectually challenging. The hunt is their “work.” Success on the job results in a well-earned “paycheck” – their meal. Eating meat off the bone satisfies their hunger, exercises their jaw muscles and keeps their teeth and gums clean. Extreme KONG helps satisfy dog’s natural instincts and assists in preventing: excessive barking, destructive chewing, soiling, digging and separation anxiety. Fill with your dog’s favorite treats or food to keep your dog entertained the healthy way.

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