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Greater Wild All Natural Ingredient 12 JUMBO Bully Sticks Chews & Treats for Dogs – 8 Sticks

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Your pooch will be so entertained chewing down long hours of accumulated energy through these most ingenious of snacks! Whether you have a young puppy or an older dog with sensitive digestion that s struggling with boredom behaviors these 12 bully sticks are a great choice for both home entertainment and on-the-go chewing.They make a great alternative to rawhide chews since they last longer and don t splinter as easily so your pup can chew away worry-free! Because they come from bulls and livestock rather than beef bones scraps or other undesirable sources you can rest assured knowing that your pup is getting a healthy 100% digestible treat.Greater Wild s 12-inch bully sticks will entertain your dog longer than many other chews because of their size and texture which can encourage healthy chewing and reduce negative behaviors such as persistent barking or destructive chewing.They also promote dental health. As dogs chew on these bully sticks their chewing action grinds down the stick which helps clean tartar buildup from their teeth and reduces bad breath.Low in fat and fully ingestible these sticks are a great supplement to your pet s diet and they make for a great chewing experience.Not only do they make for an energetic snack time session but these treats will last endless hours of uninterrupted chewing!

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