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Eukanuba Puppy Early Advantage Small Breed Puppy Chicken Formula Dry Dog Food – 15 lb Bag

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Its already clear your small breed puppy is destined to be an extraordinary dog one day. They need extraordinary nutrition to grow up to be their best. Eukanuba dry puppy food is specially designed for supporting peak performance to help give your athletic puppy a strong start. Made with chicken, this puppy growth formula features more than 30 of the same nutrients found in a mothers milk. Calcium and phosphorus support a small breeds growing bones. Key antioxidants help protect a developing immune system. DHA from natural fish oil helps promote healthy brain development. Easy-to-digest fiber and a prebiotic support digestive health. Optimal levels of omega-6 and -3 fatty acids promote a healthy skin and coat. And with a satisfaction guarantee, you can feel confident that every bowl of Eukanuba feeds the extraordinary in your puppy. Pair with Eukanuba Puppy wet dog food and Puppy Healthy Extras treats for the perfect complement to your active puppys diet.
Eukanuba Puppy Small Breed dry dog food is complete and balanced nutrition for puppies up to 1 year old with an expected adult weight of up to 20 lbs.
Helps protect puppies developing immune systems with an antioxidant-rich formula
Promotes healthy brain development with clinically proven levels of DHA for a smarter, more trainable puppy
Supports joint & bone health in growing puppies with calcium and phosphorus
Maintains healthy digestion with a specialized fiber blend, made from natural beet pulp and a prebiotic

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