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Downtown Pet Supply Bully Sticks For Dogs Braided Rawhide Free Dog Chews 3 Pack

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Natural Dental Chews For Dogs from free-range grass-fed beef with a naturally meaty scent that dogs love. No artificial flavors chemicals or preservatives but rich in vitamins minerals and protein. These are low in fat – a healthy snack for your favorite pooch! We use 100% real beef in our Bully Sticks. They provide a treat that is packed full of protein along with the ability to scrape away plaque and tartar from your dog s teeth. They are made to last and don t have bones to splinter making them a great alternative to rawhide chews. We recommend putting in a storage bag then placed in the freezer dogs tend to enjoy cold and this process will preserve these natural organic dog treats. Always supervise your pup when giving them any dog treat. Always provide plenty of fresh water. At Downtown Pet Supplies we ve been making our own products for years. Why does that matter? We stand behind our products! We are proud pet owners first and business owners second. We understand that a pet is a family member and that means they should be cared for trained and pampered with the best pet supplies out there. Excellent quality at an affordable price with the best possible service. That’s why our products typically cost a bit less than the other guys. Think of us as your personal shoppers. If you bring it home and it isn t perfect we ll send you a new one immediately no questions asked! We stand behind our returns policy.

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