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Chocolate EZ Wash Fleece Bolster Dog Bed 42 L X 28 W X 10 H

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The best bed design on the market at a price. The EZ Wash Fleece headrest bed gives your a plush comfortable ester filled sleep surface with a cushioned headrest for extra comfort and a sense of security. This style of bed is the hands down first choice of all Our exclusive removable sleep surface insert allows for easy access for washing or cleaning. The easiest bolster bed to wash on the market today. Our best bed design in durable fleece and The functional exclusive EZ wash design allows you to remove the sleep surface to for easy access for 100% machine washing or to use as a separate stand alone bed 100% high loft ester filled sleep surface is individually filled to exacting specifications to ensure proper fill amount for best performance Chambered liner keeps fill evenly distributed in the sleep surface

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