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SEP 18: Fall Dog Trek! YEAH!

September 18, 2022 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm EDT

Welcome Back! Autumn is “here” and the leaves will be turning. Yeah!

As usual, we will “meet & yap” and “yap & meet” as needed!

1. The Basics: OUR CORE TREK IS THE GREEN BAY TRAIL NORTH FROM LAKE & GREEN BAY ROAD FOR ONE HOUR OUT AND THEN BACK FOR AN HOUR – FOR A TWO HOUR TREK: Everyone walks at their OWN pace. Usually big dogs are in the front followed by medium dogs and then small dogs. To repeat: We all walk out at our OWN pace and enjoy our dogs and … everybody yap’s at each other! Canine & human.
2. The Route: From the south going north: The Green Bay Trail is a forested, sometimes heavily forested, asphalt/gravel/dirt sided RR frontage with some gorgeous residential streets in the beginning and lots of well-groomed “hidden” parks. We start in Wilmette, walk through Kenilworth and turnaround in Winnetka. Tiger lily’s are everywhere in the summer, autumn colors can be fantastic, winter is dark and deep and spring is a… tease!

Applicable outdoor masking & social distancing rules may apply.

Jim, fearless leader and cat herder [fourth class]

Jim, Toby Dog- pictured & Margo Dog (not pictured!)

PS: Animal Humor 1 of 2:

A guy walks into a bar with his dog:
Bartender: Sorry sir… but we don’t allow dogs in here.
Guy: I am blind! This is my seeing eye dog.
Bartender: SIR… that dog is a Chihuahua!
Guy: They gave a Chihuahua!!!

Animal Humor 2 of 2:

A guy walks into a bar with a one legged pig (he carry’s it in a baby pouch). He sits down, gets his pig settled into the next chair and orders a beer for himself and orders some water for the pig:

Bartender: What is the deal with the one legged pig?
Guy: This is a famous pig! Three years ago he lost his first leg saving 100 orphans is that massive fire across town!
Bartender! I saw that on the national news! What a great pig! So… how did he lose his second leg?
Guy: You gotta remember this …two years ago there was that big plane crash at the airport. Just after he got everybody out, the plane exploded and well… that’s how he lost his second leg.
Bartender: Wow! What a hero pig! How did he lose his third leg?
Guy: You don’t eat a pig like this all at once!


September 18, 2022
11:00 am - 1:00 pm EDT


Metra Station Parking Lot (far north end)
1303 Lake Ave.
Wilmette, IL us

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