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February 10 @ 10:00 pm - February 11 @ 2:59 am EST

**Join OC’s most eligible singles on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10TH, 7PM at Port Restaurant, Corona Del Mar for the Valentine’s social and romantic networking event of the year. FREE FOR THE FIRST 50 TO SIGN UP (a $50.00 value). INCLUDES MASK AND THE OPPORTUNITY TO MEET YOUR COMPATIBLE MYERS-BRIGGS SOUL MATE FOR VALENTINE’S.**

On Wednesday 11/9/22 at 7:00pm, we welcome you to a special social mixer and soul mate networking event at CURTIS THEATRE in Brea for your opportunity to create a new love and romantic future. Imagine walking into a room full fun and sexy singles who are wearing masks, just as you are. You proceed to meet interesting people as you ask four simple “magic” questions scientifically designed to help you find your most compatible match—from the inside out. Once you’ve made the right personality connections, the masks come off as you determine personal chemistry and possibly find your soul mate.

Based on the theory behind the most popular personality test in the world—the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®—our romantic networking event teaches you how to cut through the surface small talk, and greatly increase your odds of finding the love of your life. By the end of the evening, you will have an opportunity to connect with some of the finest individuals in Southern California based on their true personality types and authentic natures. You will enjoy various charming warm-up exercises which teach you how to ask the four simple and fun compatibility questions. You will wear a sticker that designates your true romantic style (whether you are a Meaning Seeker, Excitement Seeker, Security Seeker, or Knowledge Seeker).

Knowing your compatibility quotient, you will then be able to quickly spot potential compatible dates from your fellow Soul Mate Masquerade Members. The rest of the night will be yours to mix, mingle, and connect with great people based on true compatibility.

If you meet a potential match, there is a private seating area where you can have personal conversations, and possibly unmask the love of your life.

Here are the 4 Main Romantic Types. Which one do you fall into as your primary one?

NF (Intuitive Feelers), The Meaning Seekers: You are 12% of the population, and you are imaginative and sensitive. You enjoy psychology, philosophy spirituality, the arts, and finding the meaning in life. Your goal is to help better humanity through some type of mission or venture.

NT (Intuitive Thinkers), The Knowledge Seekers: You are 12% of the population, and you are imaginative and logical. You enjoy science, technology, business, and things that can enhance your knowledge wisdom, or competence. Your goal is to contribute something innovative to the world.

SJ (Sensing Judgers), The Security Seekers; You are 38% of the population, and you are practical and structured. You value security, tradition, responsibility, family, country, and loyalty. Your goal is to create and sustain a great family and contribute to your community.
SP: (Sensing Perceiver): The Excitement Seekers: You are 38% of the population, and you are practical, sensual, and spontaneous. You may enjoy fun, thrill-seeking activities such as bungee jumping, canoeing, hiking, off-roading, hunting, and exotic travels, or working with your hands on crafts, arts, and hobbies.

Reserve your space now—space is filling up fast. See you at the Dating Masquerade! Masks are included!


February 10 @ 10:00 pm EST
February 11 @ 2:59 am EST


Port Restaurant and Bar
440 Heliotrope Ave
Corona Del Mar, CA 92625 us

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