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December DMV Small Dog Play Group: MERRY MIX&MINGLE #1

December 21 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm EST

Hoping to have a Holiday gift exchange, and by this point, we are looking forward to being able to host our event inside. This event will cost each member $25 to attend because of the cost to rent a venue. Our first pick for indoor locations would be Brewzki’s Barkhaus. A private pack includes:
1. 3 hour access to off-leash party space for up to 10 dogs
2. Day pass for all 10 dogs
3. Bark Ambassador on site
4. Wi-Fi

Guidelines for entering Barkhaus:
1. Dogs must be older than 4 months
2. Dogs older than 8 months must be spayed/neutered
3. When in dining room, dogs must be kept on a 4 foot leash.
4. ONE DOG PER HUMAN according to Virginia law. If you want to bring another dog, feel free to bring a guest with you, just let the host know
5. Dogs must be up to date on vaccinations, and proof is required before entry with the online portal
6. You must sign a liability waiver
7. You must have a membership (a day pass is included in the price, but you still need to sign up and upload records here:


Gifts must be:
1. Equivalent to around $5-10 (gifts can be brought from home if they were unused/gently used by your pup pal)
2. anonymous
3. concealed (whether this is through wrapping paper, a reusable bag, or a box)
4. Related or useful to being a small dog owner (examples could include waste bags, waste bag dispensers, xsmall/small pup clothes, beds, books, harnesses, leashes, pet first aid kits, feeding bowls, pet water bottles, lick mats/slow feeders, games, grooming supplies like nail clippers or brushes, non-toxic pet hygiene items like toothpaste or oatmeal shampoo, etc). NO TREATS/TOYS!

Gift exchange will go as follows:
1. When you enter the venue, we will have a small table or box at the entryway for you to place gifts on/in. This will ensure that no one will see who’s gift belongs to who.
2. You will attach a number sticker to your gift. Number stickers will be on the table.
3. On a note card provided, please write the number from the sticker on the card, and one fun fact about your dog.
4. Place the note card in the bowl/hat to draw from
5. Pup Pack members who have brought gifts themselves will draw numbers from the hat or bowl
6. Starting with whoever drew number 1, Pup Pack members will read their fun dog fact outloud and try to guess who the dog is
7. The member holding the card will get 2 tries to guess correctly on their own, after the first two tries, the rest of the group can attempt guessing
8. If the member holding the card does not guess correctly, and another member does, the member who has guessed correctly has the opportunity to swap number cards with the orginal guesser (or even swap gifts, if they already have a gift they do not want), or pass and let the original guesser have the gift on the number card.
*You can only steal a guess twice*

A $10 donation annually is recommended, (the platform charges me monthly to have the meetup group). You can pay in venmo, cash, or PayPal at any event and your donation goes directly towards improving the group. BUT I am low income myself, so I understand how struggling can prevent a person from making it to social events. If you are in this position, we don’t want the donation to stop you from attending. If this is the case, speak to the organizer, and you can ‘pay-what-you-can’ down to $0.

In order to keep our pups as safe and protected as possible, please respect our guidelines and rules.


Any dog attending meetups must be

1. Under 25 lbs

2. Up to date on vaccinations

3. Able to usually respond to basic commands directly from their own person


1. We want to leave the location better than the way we found it, so please pick up waste and trash

2. Bring bags to clean up after your Pup

3. Be considerate of other people and their dog. Respect is key.

4. Be mindful of your dog and their behavior at all times.

5. Solicitation of other members for any reason is against the guidelines of this group

***We understand that sometimes dogs will be dogs! However, if any of the following events occur, you and your dog may be respectfully asked to leave the meetup:

1. The dog in your care shows aggressive behavior towards other dogs numerous times after being asked by you to stop

2. The dog in your care injures, or seriously attacks another dog

3. You, as a human, are negligent of your dogs aggressive behaviors, and do not respond appropriately (especially if requested by other members).

4. You, as a human, are disrespectful towards another person or dog in the group (this includes but is not limited to: picking up, grabbing, feeding, or petting other dogs without their human’s expressed consent, hurtful language on basis of race, gender, sexuality, nationality, culture, religion, etc., and even giving unsolicited dog-parenting advice without consent) ***


December 21
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm EST


529 E Howell Ave
Alexandria, VA 22301 us

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