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Community Pack Walk

September 25, 2022 @ 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm EDT

Read this entire description for sign up instructions

Come join us for a Member Only community pack walk

You must Sign up at https://royalk9.propetware.com/

Yearly membership cost is 50.00, includes Pack Walk Club t-shirt, special events like Yappy Hour, and admission to our exclusive monthly pack walks.

Join us for a Pack Walk around Yorba Linda Trail and Community Center. They are a great way to socialize your dog and get them used to being around other dogs in a structured and controlled environment. This is good for all types of dogs (reactive, non reactive)

Please park on the

What is a Pack Walk?
A group of dog handlers go for a walk together in a structured environment.
A pack walk is good for most dogs (if you’re unsure if your dog is one of them, just ask us!). It’s a way to exercise, properly socialize, and train that is safe and fun for all. Whether you have a small dog or a BIG dog, dogs are always in training, so join us!

Structured Environment
Dogs walk in a long line at first. By the end of the walk, some dogs bunch up together as walking buddies and some dogs just enjoy the camaraderie of the walk from a safe distance.
No dog introductions face-to-face, even if you have a social dog on your hands!
The key to a successful pack walk is the rhythm of the walk – as long as we’re moving things will go great! We move at a casual pace that works for most fitness levels.
Following the rules will guarantee a successful experience (see below).
Every dog is different: some dogs will walk side-by-side after the first 15 minutes, but other dogs may need a few pack walks to get there. No judging here!

Science Behind Pack Walks
Dogs have a strong instinctual need to socialize with and explore the world. As we know, many dogs are reactive to other dogs, but these dogs still have a need to get out and socialize. Pack walks satisfy this need. Dogs can safely socialize without physically interacting. Even though the dogs are not physically touching each other, they can smell and see the other dogs, which is still considered socialization.

Walking provides the dog with a lot of mental stimulation, which most dogs are lacking. Furthermore, mental stimulation will tire out a dog a lot faster than physical stimulation (e.g. running in the back yard)

What It’s Not
Time for your dog to “meet” new dogs

What are the Rules?
Lots of No’s = Lots of Happy, Healthy Dogs
It’s important to attend the pack walk knowing the expectations. To enjoy the walk and set our dogs up for success, we need you to follow the rules.

* No face-to-face introductions ever. No sniffing. We promise that just
being near each other will be good enough. Dogs should have minimal
interaction with each other, because they should be focused on their
people and where they’re going
* One dog per handler unless approved by pack leader
* Family members are welcome to join the walks, but only one person is
allowed to handle the dog
* No retractable leashes
* Respect space
* Even dogs who were walking side-by-side are still not allowed to greet
each other during the water break.
* Aggressive dogs need to have muzzle

What should I bring?
Water bottle and small water dish for a scheduled water break
Poop bags
Proper collar, and leash (no Retractables)
Wear comfortable clothes and tennis shoes

Parking: Street Parking
Your camera! We definitely approve of you promoting the experience and bragging about our meet up.

You must Sign up at https://royalk9.propetware.com/

Yearly membership cost is 50.00, includes Pack Walk Club t-shirt, special events like Yappy Hour, and admission to our exclusive monthly pack walks.


September 25, 2022
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm EDT


Yorba Linda
Yorba Linda, CA us

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