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Chollas Reservoir Pack Walk -MONTHLY SENIOR DOG/SLOW WALK

January 13 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm EST

This is an easy walk that will take us around the beautiful reservoir. There are plenty of ducks, rabbits, and squirrels to keep our puppers (and us) on our toes the entire way around. Just under 1 mile and lots of shade.

Wildlife, wildlife, wildlife! Bring high-value treats to connect with your pups and to reward them when they focus on you instead of the furry creatures scuttling about.

We welcome **ALL** dogs, breeds, and temperaments.

However, please note that this means dogs of different skill levels. Some dogs may be at the canine good citizen level, while others are at the “I need to learn social manners” level.

The great thing is that we are supportive of each other and respect where each of us is.

**Our Goal Is To:**

*CONNECT* with our dogs

*CAPTURE CALM* behavior

*CO-EXIST* as a group

We want to show our dogs that they are safe with us. We want to reward them when they choose to connect with us in spite of the highly distracting world around them.

**Ground Rules:**

* Dogs must remain on a lead no longer than 3 feet during our walks and under no circumstances, allow your dog off-leash around our group.

* We ask that you maintain a distance of at least 6 feet between dogs while walking and during breaks.

* We want to allow enough space between dogs so they are walking as close as possible without them having impulses to smell each other (or react). The goal is harmony and co-existence with space.

* We discourage nose-to-nose interactions – refrain from introducing dogs until AFTER the pack walk (we can provide a demo upon request)

* If your dog is vocal and likes to bark – please stand at the edge of the group so that he/she doesn’t trigger other dogs. Also please walk at the back of the pack.

* The goal is to find a place where your dog is relaxed. Walking inside their threshold stresses them out and that’s not the goal of the walk.

* We want our dogs to have a calm walk so if that means you have to start off 30+ feet away – that’s TOTALLY OK because we respect where your journey and if that is what your dog needs, so be it. We choose locations that allow you this much space.

* Only dogs who are up-to-date on rabies shot

* **NO RETRACTABLE LEASHES are permitted**

* For Dogs-In-Need-Of-Space (*DINOS*) if your dog is working on socialization, learning leash manners, has anxiety or medical concern, please BE SAFE and do not interact with other dogs -Bring a ***yellow ribbon*** on your leash to signify your dog is a DINOS dog

* You must supply your own poops bags & water

* Maintain enough space between dogs so they are walking as close as possible without them having impulses to smell each other. The goal is harmony and co-existence with space.

* We all walk at different paces, but please *DO NOT* pass the Pack Walk Coordinator unless otherwise instructed.

* When a dog needs a water break we will all take a break together as a group, please do not pass others.

Our goal is to walk as a pack – close enough for positive interactions – far enough as needed if your dog is reactive. We want our dogs to have a safe and structured social experience.


January 13
11:00 am - 1:00 pm EST


5548 Chollas Station Rd
5548 Chollas Station Rd
San Diego, CA 92115 United States