Kerry Blue Terrier

The Kerry Blue Terrier, also known as the Irish Blue Terrier, hails from County Kerry in Ireland’s stunning southwest. This medium-sized pooch is eye-catching and bundles of charm with an energetic and lively demeanor perfect for excitedly running around or swimming during playtime. Not to mention their inquisitive nature makes them a great companion for all your outdoor adventures!

These dogs are famous for their breathtaking “blue” coat, which is unbelievably soft and silky. However, nobody believes that they come in this color at birth – it only occurs when they reach maturity after 18 months! As a terrier breed, these pups possess intelligence, boldness and unique personalities. They’ve retained the same hunting skills of other terriers but also enjoy being around people; ultimately making them loyal companions with sweet dispositions.

This is a lively and athletic breed of dog with individual character, who will take pride in having tasks to accomplish. The Kerry Blue Terrier has been around for over a century and weighs up to 40 pounds; boasting an impressive physique covered with its signature wavy, soft coat that is bluish-gray in color. Trained originally as hunters and herders, this bright yet independent canine can track game animals reliably, alert you of unfamiliar visitors on your property or be vigilant against rodents from taking refuge at home or the yard.

Kerry Blue Terriers possess a spirited and unyielding temperament, so they require consistent yet patient training for them to learn efficiently. Through patience and dedication, your Kerry Blue can acquire commands quickly – even more intricate tasks! However, their obedience leaves much to be desired due to their predisposition towards searching out prey. Always keep some delicious treats handy when you take them outdoors in order to easily reinforce good behaviors as needed!

Owning a Kerry Blue Terrier requires commitment and effort. After your pup drinks, his beard needs to be wiped down with a cloth or towel to keep it clean; additionally, plan on combing through the coat twice weekly in order to avoid tangles or mats. To maintain the shape of the fur you can either find someone professionally trained for haircuts, or else learn how to do so by yourself! Don’t forget that other basic grooming essentials need attention too: such as regularly checking their ear hygiene and trimming nails when needed – not forgetting those essential baths he will occasionally require!

The Kerry Blue Terrier would flourish in a home with an expansive yard and solid fence that stands around five or six feet tall. Do not rely on an underground electronic fence to keep him within the boundaries, as it won’t work – if he really wants to leave he will find a way!

  • Furlyfe Rank
  • Group AKC Terrier
  • Origin Ireland
  • Size Small, Medium
  • Weight 33-40 pounds
  • Coat Length Medium
  • Colors Black, Blue, Silver, Gray
  • Other Names Kerry, Irish Blue Terrier
  • Temperament Affectionate, Alert, Gentle, Loyal, Spirited, Strong Willed, Intelligent

Breed Characteristics

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