Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is a majestic breed, formerly known as the royal dog of France. With their beautiful white coats and exceptional size, these dogs have an imposing presence that speaks for itself. Although traditionally this breed was used to guard flocks, today they primarily serve as loyal family companions. While undeniably stunning in appearance, training one of these canines takes someone who’s decisive and strong-willed; after all, it doesn’t take much to ruffle feathers with such a stately creature!

From a heritage of guarding flocks in the Pyrenees Mountains of France and Spain, this courageous canine was responsible for protecting sheep from potential predators such as wolves. A strong and wary dog, he operated independently – frequently on his own for days or even weeks at a time – so is unaccustomed to taking orders.

Nowadays, the Great Pyrenees is mostly a beloved family pet and protector. Although remarkably talented for their role as guardians of livestock, living with them does come with its own challenges. If you are looking to bring home an even-tempered yet protective pup from this breed, be sure to do your research beforehand and devote plenty of effort into training and socializing once they arrive in their new home.

If you’re looking for a dog to guard your flock who is tranquil in the house, and kind toward children, then the Great Pyrenees might be just what you need. His temperament is one that is alert and protective, which makes him seem more serious than other breeds. Do not worry about physical activity with this pooch–just short or regular leashed walks each day will meet his exercise requirements! If spending time outdoors is something that interests you, why not invite this breed along? With its mountain roots, it actually loves going on hikes with its owners.

While the Great Pyrenees is a great pet, his care should not be taken lightly. He requires secure fencing to keep him from exploring beyond his territory and he cannot go on off-leash walks. In addition, while this breed generally loves cold weather, they are sensitive to hotter temperatures; therefore you must take extra precautions in warm conditions. Lastly, due to their drooling tendencies it is important that you have something handy for wiping their mouth after they drink so your house doesn’t become a mess!

A Great Pyrenees is a giant breed that can reach 85 to 115 pounds of sheer cuteness. Despite their fluffy white appearance, they are protective guardians at heart – warmly greeting those you invite into your home but fiercely guarding against intruders and unwelcome visitors. If you’re prepared for the challenge, this breed might be just right for you!

  • Furlyfe Rank
  • Group AKC Working
  • Origin France, Spain
  • Size Giant
  • Weight 85 to 115 pounds
  • Coat Length Medium
  • Coat Type Double
  • Colors White
  • Other Names Great Pyrenees, Patou, Gos De Muntanya Dels Pirineus
  • Temperament Affectionate,Confident,Fearless,Gentle,Patient,Strong Willed

Breed Characteristics

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