Great Dane

Through centuries of refinement, the Great Dane has become an iconic breed, a giant dog with an enduring history and notable nobility. Formerly used to hunt wild boars, these gentle giants have outgrown their aggressive past and now are one of the most popular breeds known for its colossal size but sweet disposition. Everyone loves them – children included- as they happily snuggle up to family members or other pets!

The Great Dane’s superior size commands attention and provides sudden security – nobody will ever suspect how kind-hearted he is deep down. He truly is a devoted family friend who loves nothing more than snuggling up on the couch to watch TV with you. Although, as pups they can knock over both small tables and big kids alike, when full grown their wagging tails alone have enough power to send even coffee tables flying! Despite his seemingly intimidating stature of up to 190 pounds, what really makes the Great Dane remarkable is not his size but rather his compassionate heart.

His size may appear to require its own zip code, yet the Dane’s placid disposition makes him a better fit for apartment living than several more anxious or active breeds. While it might be tough during puppyhood in an apartment, a well-socialized and properly trained Dane would be content with just one 10 – 20 minute walk every day for his exercise.

Great Danes are protective of their families, so it’s important to teach young dogs not to jump up on people or bite. What might be funny with a small dog is not funny with a Great Dane. Allow the Dane’s size to serve as a deterrent and never encourage aggressive behavior. While most Great Danes are not known for being nuisance barkers. However, if they are allowed to develop the habit of barking, they will have some of the loudest, deepest, and most far-carrying barks of any canine.

While cropped ears have become commonplace on Great Danes, the look is rapidly becoming out of style- even in show rings where “natural ears” are now accepted. There may be some who still vouch for this procedure that causes pain to dogs, however ear cropping does not present any benefit to them and has been made illegal in most civilized countries. Fortunately for those owning a Dane, grooming couldn’t get much easier as their short coats require little effort, though shedding can appear quite abundant due to his size!

Great Danes are giant dogs that need a lot of food. They grow quickly, so they need more food than other dogs. Overfeeding is not healthy for any dog, but it is especially important not to overfeed a Great Dane puppy because it can cause problems with their bones, including arthritis. Be prepared to spend extra time cleaning up after them too, large input means large output!

  • Furlyfe Rank
  • Group AKC Working
  • Origin Germany
  • Size Giant
  • Weight 110 to 190 pounds
  • Coat Length Short
  • Coat Type Smooth
  • Colors Black,Black & White,Blue,Brindle,Fawn,Harlequin,Mantle,Merle,White
  • Other Names Dane, Gentle Giant, Deutsche Dogge, German Mastiff
  • Temperament Friendly,Confident,Devoted,Intelligent,Gentle,Loving,Reserved

Breed Characteristics

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