English Toy Spaniel

The English Toy Spaniel is characterized by its silky, luxurious coat which can range from straight to slightly wavy. With a heavy fringe and feathering on the feet, these dogs are sure to turn heads! Their most impressive feature, however, is their head and expression. The ideal spaniel has an elegantly domed head with bright dark eyes that give off a soft yet captivating appeal.

English Toy Spaniels (nicknamed Charlies or ETs) are unfortunately lesser known than their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cousins, yet those lucky enough to be familiar with them appreciate their dainty size and gentle, loyal disposition. The perfect companion for apartment living due to his royal lineage, the English Toy Spaniel is also a suitable coworker if you’re permitted to bring pets in your office space. Plus, when it comes to travel, he’s small enough that he can comfortably fit beneath any airplane seat!

The English Toy Spaniel is a bright, affectionate and eager-to-please pup. His attitude quickly changes to being dauntless if he senses danger; making life with him full of stimulating surprises as one moment he may appear majestic, yet the next his mischievous nature will come out in full force! This breed knows how to have fun and demonstrate their playfulness through entertaining actions.

An ET is a loyal companion that will follow you around the house, from your kitchen to the bathroom and home office. He does not enjoy being left alone for long periods of time and will do best in homes with an at-home parent or work-at-home spouse/partner. Although he can get along well with older children who know how to treat him properly, it is advised that his presence be carefully monitored if there are younger kids present as he may bite if played rough; fortunately, though, his tiny teeth won’t cause too much damage!

The Charlie is designed to be an indoor companion and his flat face makes him highly susceptible to the heat, so you should never leave him outdoors for any extensive amount of time.

Charlies are highly teachable – you just need to show them that what they’re doing is their own idea. As long as you encourage them with kind words and use positive reinforcement, the ET will thrive in your presence. With a little love, Charlie can do anything!

  • Furlyfe Rank
  • Group AKC Toy
  • Origin United Kingdom
  • Size Smallest, Small
  • Weight 8 to 14 pounds
  • Coat Length Medium
  • Coat Type Double, Silky
  • Colors Black & Tan, Black White & Tan, Red, Red & White
  • Other Names King Charles Spaniel, Toy Spaniel, Prince Charles Spaniel, Ruby Spaniel, Blenheim Spaniel, Charlies
  • Temperament Affectionate, Gentle, Happy, Loving, Playful, Reserved

Breed Characteristics

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