Bearded Collie

The Bearded Collie is a popular medium-sized breed known for being lively, charming and smart. Bred in Scotland as a herding dog, today these dogs often make great pets and are very successful in competitive sports thanks to their athleticism.

The breed has a long shaggy coat that is very weather-resistant, but needs regular brushing to prevent it from becoming matted. Beardies, as they are affectionately known by those who love them, are famous for their patented “Beardie bounce,” which may have originated when they were herding in deep grass and had to jump to spot sheep.

Although they are shaggy, cute, and sweet, Beardie dogs actually have high energy levels and independent minds. Like all dogs, each Beardie has a unique personality, but they all like to give kisses and wag their tails.

The Beardie is a devoted and intelligent dog perfect for any family. He has a loud bark, making him great as a watchdog, but certainly not guard dog. The Beardie loves children, however may be too energetic for smaller kids. He does better with families who have older children that can keep up with his bouncy personality.

It’s best to start training your Beardie puppy the day you bring him home. He’ll mature quickly and soon reach his full adult weight of 45 to 55 pounds. Be patient while using positive reinforcement training techniques with praise, play, and food rewards as your main form of encouragement. The Beardie can act independent and stubborn at times, but he learns fast if you’re consistent with kindness in your firmness. Being intelligent and athletic, participating in dog sports such as agility, herding, obedience are all great ways for him to stay active.

Even though you might believe he is an outdoor dog, that’s not accurate. Chaining a Beardie outside without showing him affection or attention is inhumane and could result in aggression and destructive habits. A Beardie should have access to a safe fence yard, but when the family is home, he should be inside with them.

  • Furlyfe Rank
  • Group AKC Herding
  • Origin United Kingdom
  • Size Medium
  • Weight 45 to 55 pounds
  • Coat Length Long
  • Coat Type Silky
  • Colors Black, Blue, Brown, Fawn
  • Other Names Highland Collie, Mountain Collie, Argle Bargle, Hairy Mou'ed Collie, Beardie
  • Temperament Active, Alert, Hardy, Intelligent, Lively, Self Confident

Breed Characteristics

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