Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is a short-legged, medium sized dog that is placid, affectionate and has an excellent temperament. It was originally used in France to help track animals during hunts over long distances. The breed was then refined when it was introduced to Great Britain . Today, the Basset Hound is largely kept as a companion due its extremely good temperament. The breed has a short coat that easy to care for; however dogs with overly exaggerated skin folds should be avoided since breeding for excessively wrinkled skin puts them at risk for developing skin problems..

The Basset Hound is an amicable dog breed whose pleading gaze often gets them what they want, be it a treat or being let off the hook for breaking rules. Although these hunting dogs are commonly thought of as slow and inactive, they actually enjoy long walks. The Basset Hound’s unique features -long ears and sorrowful eyes- have endeared them to us humans. There is much more to this dog than meets the eye. If you take the time to get to know him, you’ll find that he has a clownish soul hidden behind his “hangdog” expression. And while most hounds may be too energetic for some people, his short legs make him slower-paced and his easy-going nature makes him a great family companion. Just make sure you’re one of those people who thinks the classic hound howl is musical, not loud and discordant.

The Basset Hound is one of, if not the most, recognizable dog breed due to its short legs and long body. They’re also quite popular among hound lovers. However, their stubbornness (selective deafness and the ability to sleep through someone calling their name from inches away) mixed with a sense of humor often leaves owners torn between being angry or just laughing at the situation.

Most Basset Hounds have a coat of white, tan or black fur, and their distinguishing features include dark, expressive eyes; a wrinkled forehead; and long floppy ears. They are large dogs that weigh from 50 to 70 pounds but have short legs in proportion to their body size. brushing them every couple of days will help manage the moderate amount they shed. In addition, you should keep their wrinkles, ears, and the area under their somewhat sagging eyes clean and dry.

Even though the Basset doesn’t really like to hurry, his hunting hound instincts sometimes make him dart out of open doors and under fences. If you’re planning on keeping him in the backyard, think again; he gets very attached to his human family and will get extremely sad if left outdoors by himself. In fact, he’ll howl loudly enough for people miles away to hear him.

The Basset Hound is an ideal playmate for children, as it loves them dearly. Just like with every other dog breed though, supervision while they interact is key. This dog gets along splendidly with both cats and other dogs – a rather uncommon trait. And although they’re not the easiest to obedience train, their overall wonderful temperament makes up for this one negative aspect.

  • Furlyfe Rank
  • Group AKC Hound
  • Origin France
  • Size Medium
  • Weight 50 to 65 pounds
  • Coat Length Short
  • Coat Type Smooth
  • Colors Black and Tan, Brown, Gray, Red, Tricolor, White
  • Other Names Basset, Hush Puppy
  • Temperament Affectionate, Devoted, Friendly, Gentle, Sweet-tempered, Tenacious

Breed Characteristics

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